It may be important for a balustrade to allow ventilation, or conversely act as a wind break or a shield. With that in mind, Neaco’s Guide to Balustrade Design is a four-part series which explains requirements for each key balustrade component. Part 1 focused on stanchions. Oak can make a staircase look beautiful, but a solid oak balustrade can be expensive. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; additional terms may apply. Banister, balustrade, baluster? The minimum going of a public stair is. SHS Products – UK Balustrade and Handrail Manufacturers and Suppliers . Stair handrail is the term used to describe the railing that runs along the staircase. ‘Balusters’ are the uprights that sit under the handrail and support the handrail. Balusters, which can be made of stone, wood or metals such as iron or steel are vertical posts that are used in many different types of protective fencing. No matter in the home, shopping mall, office building or other places, the handrail and balustrade can enter into our eyes. It is easy to become confused as to what the difference is between these two terms and what part of the stair people are referring to when using these phrases. Possible Post Configurations. Available in mirror or stain finish : Rectangular hollow section stainless steel is available in 50mm x 10mm x 1.6mm, in mirror or satin finish: Our in-house fabrication department can customise to suit your project. by simply cutting the posts to different lengths and/ or adding a handrail. Interlinking handrails: an interlinking handrail is only considered … 4. Railing (noun) Rails in general; also, material for making rails. Introducing the new energy saving solution from GIF, Choosing the Right Colour Combinations for Your Kitchen, Key benefits of having Stainless Steel Balustrades, Free COVID-19 Return to Work Risk Assessment Template. AR-SSRV - S/steel Vertical Rods. Whether you are looking for a hand crafted timber balustrade to match your stairs, considering a modern and contemporary finish featuring frameless glass or possibly minimalist wire, we will work with you to create something beautiful and unique. Post & Top Fit Handrail Shortened Post. With a range of different designs, materials and finishes we turn something that is a legal requirement, into an attractive enhancement. Stair handrail is the term used to describe the railing that runs along the staircase. Before you have to make a choice between Sydney balustrades and handrails, it is better to know the real difference between both. A baluster is a vertical moulded shaft, square, or lathe-turned form found in stairways, parapets, and other architectural features.In furniture construction it is known as a spindle.Common materials used in its construction are wood, stone, and less frequently metal and ceramic. Manufacturing and installing quality steelwork requires precision and expertise and just being a small fraction out is the difference between an item fitting and ending up in the scrap bin. Balustrades are small, vertical shafts that run along the course of stairs, terraces, and balconies. Jul 3, … But how do you know how high your balustrades should be? If you have decided to renovate your home, you might have heard these terms and yes, they are confusing! A handrail is the railing that runs alongside a staircase – essentially, it’s what you grip with your hands as you walk up or down the steps to guide and steady yourself. Balustrades; Handrails and Post-To-Post Or Over-The-Post. Well our system is no difference. Banister (noun) A baluster. You can find out more about the difference between hardwood and softwood and the benefits of both by reading our guide Hardwood vs softwood: which is best for your wooden stair parts? IS YOUR GLASS SAFE TO USE ON A BALCONY? Balustrades, Handrails & Stairs. All you will need to do is cut equal amounts off the top and bottom rails to suit your opening. We have many competitors for balustrade and many of them are considerably cheaper but you have to aliken buying steel products to buying a car, you get what you pay for! Scotland. Balustrades and Handrails Installation Certification Project/Address: Name of Certifier: Company: Address: Qualifications & Experience: Phone: Email: I hereby certify that the Balustrades and Handrails installed in the building/project comply with:- a) Part 3.9.2 Balustrades of the Building Code of Australia. In addition to the kit you will need a tape measure, a stud finder (if the locations of the studs are not known), a level, an electric drill or screwdriver, and screws. Our handrails and balustrades are all created with the trademark Singh Fabrications commitment to quality, value and reliability. Handrails and Balustrades Polyamide Handrails and Balustrades Stainless steel Handrails Wood Handrail Brackets Panel Holders Fastening Types Architectural Hardware Total Supply and Fix Package Documentation Introduction 3 Freedom of Design 4 True Classics 6 Product Overview 8 Elegant Effect 10 Product Overview 12 Harmonious Combination 14 Product Overview 16 20 23 24 System 111 28 … The Difference between Balconette’s Orbit and Aerofoil Handrails . Wall fixed handrails 40 mm diameter are mounted on 90° brackets as illustrated on page 16. In other words, a baluster is a single post, balusters are several of those posts, and a balustrade is all of those posts joined together as a unit. As with Stair design, there are many Balustrade design options available. The handrail supports the loads. Handrails are also included, either where they are supported by walls or independently fixed forming part of a stair or ramp system. It can be used indoors or outdoors, for staircases and balconies, as well as decorative structures. If you are installing a handrail or using balustrade panels, measure and cut your posts to size now. Product Range & Glass Balustrades . Balustrade. NOTE: Each handrail has slightly different methods of installation, for full details on the variety of styles you can build to, refer to our brochure or website. It is a combination of handrail, balusters, newels and baserail. 220. You may also quickly realise that two terms are used time and time again handrails and balustrades. The maximum rise of a public stair is. Railing (noun) A barrier made of a rail or of rails, together with vertical supports. Part 1 focused on stanchions. Balustrades. We strive to make … Often associated with a handrail, a balustrade is used to line a staircase. But the disadvantage is that the iron balustrade handrails is with short … Balustrades … Handrails – Balustrades – Grab Rails - Disabled. Balustrades have a very important function in your home. Decking Balustrade Handrail / Baserail 2.4m with spacer £ 9.98 inc VAT £ 8.32 ex VAT Add to basket More info; Decking handrail. The words ‘baluster’ and ‘balustrade’ are both defined in the B2 Compliance Document. When it comes to balustrades, there are many differences between materials in terms of longevity, strength, maintenance needs and even fire-resistance. Other design requirements can be catered for including privacy glass and tinted glass that brings the customisable options to over 300 available combinations. Posts. Customers and designers alike adore the uninterrupted frameless glass finish, so with this in mind, a slim, low profile top rail has been introduced, for minimal impact on the finished look. Our marine-grade stainless steel framing is attractive, durable, rust-proof, corrosion resistant, easy to clean and offer great brilliant flexibility in design. It can be used indoors or outdoors, for staircases and balconies, as well as decorative structures. This handrail is utilised with infill balustrade panels. The base strut forms a watertight seal at the bottom with the frame profile. Available in mirror or stain finish: Square sections available 50.8mm, in 1.6mm & 3.0mm wall. In Part 2, we’re focusing on handrails and … Balustrades & Handrails. Complete handrail kits include railing, endcaps, and the recommended number of brackets plus all required screws. Structural glass balustrade is a modern alternative to timber balustrade, and is far more desirable than aluminum glass balustrading systems, which are frankly quite ugly. Public buildings, industrial businesses, commercial buildings and public and private housing. 170 … … 250. This is the part that you hold as you climb up and down the stairs. Let’s discuss the characteristics of balusters and balustrades, so you can learn the differences. The difference between the two being in the spacing between the steel upright Balusters. The small columns are also known as balusters. It is a composite made up of individual parts, such as the balusters and a railing/handrail. Get a free quote. The G 48 balustrade system is distinguished by its clean, rectangular lines and the shapes of the handrail, base strut and posts. It is comprised of an assembled top rail, balusters or spindles and often a bottom rail, posts, post caps, and decorative finials. There are requirements for handrails which dictate the height, materials and colours used to ensure good visibility and safety. The advantages and disadvantages of railings and handrails of different materials 1, Iron stairs balustrade iron material balustrade isbeautiful and has diverse shapes, posted a strong ductility, can be processed into different shapes, exquisite appearance, wrought iron railings, but also with a kind of unspeakable classical beauty! It defines a decked area perfectly, making it feel more like an outdoor room than an … Quality Handrail and Balustrade Systems Gallery We have installed our handrails, balustrades and canopies in an array of different sectors up and down the UK. We make a difference by listening to your needs, understanding your project and delivering the right solution on time at a reasonable price. Arctec makes more than handrails. Many vertical posts consist of a balustrade. Oak handrails . Simply tread the baluster into the nut and washers and fix the rails via stainless steel angle … Balusters are the individual struts that hold up a railing. A ‘handrail’ is a defined word in the Building Code, but in the context of a barrier means the top rail of the barrier. However, for safety and visual reasons, a … The Australian standards All balustrades protecting a difference in levels … The Australis system is a complete balustrade system with handrails designed to complement the 50mm aluminium post system. Banisters and … Peak Aluminium Balustrade system is designed with an emphasis on style, durability and quality. Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; (architecture) A row of balusters topped by a rail, serving as an open parapet, as along the edge of a balcony, terrace, bridge, staircase, or the eaves of a building. Handrail vs Balustradeisaseealsoofhandrail. When choosing a Balconette product, you have the choice of three railing options. They can be found along landings and also in public parks. Handrails & Balustrades What makes Arctec's Handrail range different? 220. Glass Stairs Glass Railing Glass Balustrade Floating Stairs Glass Walls Basement Stairs House Stairs Basement Ideas Basement Apartment. The banisters are interconnected and evenly spaced. The minimum going of a private stair is. Timber Handrail – Stainless Steel Wire Balustrade with Timber Handrail; Vertical Wire Infills – Stainless Steel Wire Balustrade; Metal/Steel and Wire Balustrade – Non-stainless steel; Wire Balustrade into Existing Posts; Handrails Menu Toggle. You can save money without compromising on style by combining an oak handrail with a white primed newel post and … Required fields are marked *. Geelong Handrails and Balustrades provides clients with a high quality product that complies with Australian standards at competitive prices. 250. THE BASICS: A Balustrade is a multiple of balusters / posts. These are basically little columns, complete with a staircase handrail on top. We used solid Beech for the treads, risers and stringers, and solid French Oak for the handrail. So, the material and structure is very important. Why do we need balustrade height regulations? AR-SSF - S/steel Flat Bar. Once you begin your search you will likely become overwhelmed by the amount of options that are available. Handrails need to be a minimum of 900mmm high from the stair pitch, up to 1000mm high, running continuously along one side of any stairway in a residential home. A handrail has become an integral part of a balustrade, without which you can’t hold anything while climbing up and down the stairs. This means when planning a balustrade, you should consider materials carefully, with a focus on performance and how long you want the balustrade to last. Many materials are now used to form the balustrade including metal, wood or glass. The handrail and footrail are joined at the ends to a column or post. Safety is one of the main reasons why people install balustrades. We can combine timber handrails with our glass or steel balustrading for a distinctive look. However, the modern balustrade on the stairs of your home will be found under the handrail. Welcome to SHS Products, a UK company whose Directors have over 30 years’ experience designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing stainless steel and glass balustrade solutions for both homes and businesses. A 3D balustrade planner is a useful tool for helping you to visualise your balustrade as well as choose the appropriate handrail system for it. As nouns the difference between balustrade and handrail is that balustrade is (architecture) a row of balusters topped by a rail, serving as an open parapet, as along the edge of a balcony, terrace, bridge, staircase, or the eaves of a building while handrail is a rail which can be held, such as on the side of a staircase, ramp or other walkway, and serving as a support or guard. Deck railing makes a big difference in so many ways. Use three screws per bracket, minimum size #12, of sufficient length to penetrate at least 2” into the inner wall structure. Heights: Balustrades (stair barriers) have a minimum height set at 900mm, differing from the 1000mm minimum height anywhere else in the house, including stair landings*. UK Building Regulations for Balustrade Installations. Side fixed handrails – Fixed to wall/ Existing Structure; Handrail with posts – Free standing handrails ; Handrails with Kerb Rails / Kickrail Balustrades have 40 mm diameter top rails with 48,3 mm diameter uprights mounted on 135 mm diameter x 10 mm thick platform or side fixing plates. And of course, its aesthetics must reflect the context of the … Note: There are also different Baluster designs available. Fixing to structures and ground mountings are covered, including excavation, concreting and backfilling. A typical balustrade is made of several vertical posts called balusters. Timber Handrails add warmth and style to your balustrading. Timber. Domestic Staircases: England . The balustrade can be installed on all balcony edge profiles as well as reinforced concrete balcony platforms. Balustrade and handrails (67) This section deals with balustrade and guarding systems for use within buildings and within their environs. There you’ll be able to provide your measurements and work out your costs more accurately. Typical Applications. A … Tru-Balustrade is supplied in 300mm increments. London, May 4, 2019 ( - BS6180:2011 Section 8.5.2 states: “Where the barrier protects a difference in level greater than 600mm, a handrail should always be used unless a laminated toughened glass construction is used that would remain in situ if a panel fails.Continuous fixing should be used for fixing the handrail to the glass, or individual fixings where calculations or … It can be indoors or outdoors. Finished in Black, Silver or … BALUSTRADE ONLY. INTRODUCTION. This feature central staircase is fully self-supporting and has a double curved grand splay at the start for the ultimate wow factor. From the ground up, our balustrade system was designed for simple DIY installation. What’s the difference between balustrades, banisters and handrails? This spacing is larger than what you will find on most staircases. Click image to view larger version. 225. The Vision range of Oak Handrails grooved to take glass these contemporary oak square profiled handrails can be ordered with a grooved profile ready to take the vision glass balustrade panels inline 10mm glass balustrade. The term ‘balustrade’ refers to the combination of handrail, spindles (or ‘balusters’), baserail and newels, which together form the railing system that encloses one or both sides of a staircase. The balustrade consists of several balusters spaced evenly and connected together to form a decorative railing supported by baluster posts. A handrail can be fitted against the wall your stairs follow and/or you can have a handrail included in your balustrade system (which can also be called a bannister) – for example with a metal handrail fitted on top of glass balustrades. Four distinct sections make up the rail: at its center is a "slider", also known as a … Balusters are small posts that support the upper rail of a railing. If it’s metal, we can make it! See Wiktionary Terms of Use for details. The standard states that with Interlinking Handrail required. Its purpose may be to provide privacy, or alternatively a view. Durable, elegant, and affordable, stainless steel handrails are perfect for any environment, inside or outside. Non-load supporting handrails: either the top edge of the glass acts as the handrail or the glass supports a handrail that is fixed to the glass and relies upon the glass for structural support. Handrails and balustrade is mainly used for protect the security of people and prevent people from falling down to the ground. Its function is usually to provide a safety barrier at the edge of a verticle drop to prevent falls. Based on the idea of balustrade, the English designed indoor stair railing and adopted the term, banister, attempting to retain the elegance of the original word. CHOOSE YOUR POST SYSTEM. The Interspec stainless steel balustrade system is a flexible system that provides the opportunity to create handrail and balustrade to staircase areas which are aesthetically pleasing and have lasting visual appeal. BS6180:2011 Section 8.5.2 states: “Where the barrier protects a difference in level greater than 600mm, a handrail should always be used unless a laminated toughened glass construction is used that would remain in situ if a panel fails. An important one being which handrails you would prefer. A balustrade is a name for that railing on a balcony, porch or terrace. This means we can provide 108 customised options based on our two-main style of balustrade just using clear glass. Balustrade height regulations must be adhered to when installing handrails or railings, whether at work or in the home. It is generally a free standing system that can rely on a glazing channel, some vertical or horizontal supports, point-fixings, or some combination of the above. Commercial, architectural, domestic or as physical aids. Available … The balustrade is composed of handrails, balustrade panels, and skirt panels: Handrail. Oak Handrails Grooved for Glass Balustrade. Your email address will not be published. This is the rail, which can be held with your hand, it is the section that acts as a support or guide. Whether in the home, on a hotel balcony or on the staircase of a commercial premises, an open … The H- Balustrade has 3 balusters per tread paced up to 180mm, with a round handrail on top;. If you are planning on specifying for a staircase there will be a number of considerations that you will need to make. This gallery showcases some of the many projects which we have worked on and hopefully this will give you some inspiration of how our products can be used on your next project. It’s also the reason why balustrade height regulations exist. DIFFERENT GLASS CONFIGURATIONS IN BALUSTRADES. Here, we aim to help you understand the regulations surrounding balustrades and handrails, as well as the difference between guidance and law. Fix Posts in place using appropriate fixings and fit cover plates if required. Air Gap with Top Fit Handrail Posts & Offset Handrail . The ‘Handrail’ is the rail that you hold on to as you walk up or down stair. This states that timber decks which are less than one metre off the ground, do not necessarily require a handrail. The side rail option utilizes specially designed handrail brackets that attach to the post & handrail. This is the rail, which can be held with your hand, it is … What is a handrail? Shortened Post & Friction-fit Handrail. FRICTION FIT CLAMPS. Our handrail and balustrade systems are available in stainless steel, aluminium, brass, pvc sleeved steel and toughened glass. With that in mind, Neaco’s Guide to Balustrade Design is a four-part series which explains requirements for each key balustrade component. Another factor to consider is the style or look of your balustrade – such as whether you prefer … Keeping in mind that ‘Safety is the number one concern’ for any balustrade or handrail, recent changes in regulation mean that a top rail or handrail for all frameless glass balustrades are now the most common option**. The only difference between the English regulations and Scottish regulations regarding staircases are as follows: Stairs - Going and Rise. Many materials are now used to form the balustrade including metal, wood or glass. Our team can make tailored designs for you, allowing for a unique product. Step … As nouns the difference between railing and balustrade is that railing is a fence or barrier consisting of one or more horizontal rails and vertical supports while balustrade is (architecture) a row of balusters topped by a rail, serving as an open parapet, as along the edge of a balcony, terrace, bridge, staircase, or the eaves of a building.